Enjoy The Beauty of the Outdoors Year-Round

3 season and 4 season rooms, sometimes referred to as sunrooms, are a great way to find a middle ground between staying inside your house and heading outside. As the weather in Cleveland can be a little ‘temperamental’ from time to time, having this kind of room attached to your home will help to get the natural light you desire in your life without being fully exposed to the elements. But which type of room should you select? And can it be integrated naturally with your existing home? Village Construction is here to answer those questions and more. Contact us right away for a free estimate!

What’s the Difference Between a 3 Season and 4 Season Sunroom?

The difference between these two types of spaces is right there in the name. A 3 season room is one which is meant to be useful for most of the year, but because of a lack of temperature control, it is usually not a comfortable space during the cold winter months. With a 4 season room, temperature control is added, making it a viable space to spend time all year long.

There isn’t a right or wrong choice here, as both can make a great addition to your home, so the final decision comes down to how you plan on using the space. Naturally, adding a 4 season room is a more involved process, as the HVAC will need to be tied in and the room will need to be constructed in a suitable manner. 3 season rooms are a bit simpler, and as a result, a bit more affordable in most cases. However, the cost savings come along with some sacrifice of usefulness and convenience, so each homeowner really needs to weigh the options before making a final selection.

Valuable Advice

Don’t think you need to make all the tough decisions regarding this new room on your own. While Village Construction is obviously able to handle the physical work this project requires, we are also able to offer planning and design assistance before any work begins. If you would like a 3 season or 4 season room added to your Cleveland, OH area house, but you aren’t quite sure what is right for you, let’s chat and get the details sorted out.

Thank you for considering Village Construction for this exciting project. A free estimate is only a phone call away, so we hope to hear from you today.

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