Room Additions Will Help You Stay in the Home You Love

At some point, you may feel like you simply no longer have enough space in your house to accommodate your whole family properly. No matter how much of your extra stuff you donate to charity, and no matter how many times you move the furniture around, you just can’t find the space you need. When this happens, and you don’t want to be forced to sell your home and move out, a room addition is the obvious choice. With an experienced company on your side like Village Construction, adding a room to your home doesn’t have to be nearly as overwhelming as it might seem at first.

A Room Additions Offers You a Blank Slate

Perhaps the most exciting thing about adding a room to your home is the opportunity it presents to create something new and useful. Maybe you will only need to add a standard bedroom, which is a worthy project in its own right, or you might have something else in mind, like a game room or lounge. Whatever the case, there will be very little holding you back, as the room will be an entirely new creation. As long as you have the space available, and what you have in mind can conform to the relevant codes and restrictions, Village Construction will make it happen.

Simplifying a Complex Process of Home Additions

There are a number of steps involved with adding a room or multiple rooms to your home. First, a plan will need to be drafted that handles all the details of how the new space will be attached to what is existing. There will be permits to gather, materials to order, prep work to complete, and on and on. If you tried to act as your own general contractor for this kind of job, bringing in subcontractors one at a time for each step, you may get overwhelmed and frustrated. Opting for an experienced team like that at Village Construction – a team that can handle everything that needs to be done – is a better way to go.

Additions are exciting projects and we would be happy to take on this job for you. Whether you live right in Cleveland or in one of the surrounding communities in Northeast Ohio, Village Construction would be happy to provide a free estimate. With more than 30 years of experience, you can be sure your money will be well spent, and your project will be completed on time and on budget. Let’s chat today!

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Village Construction has been remodeling homes for more than 30 years, and we would love to bring our combination of skill and experience to your upcoming project. From upscale kitchen remodels and lavish bathroom renovations to spacious room additions and much more, Village Construction is the perfect choice for the job.